Why Does Sustainability Matter?

Why does sustainability matter?

The way the world currently exists relies on unchecked growth, forever. This means ravaging our planet for resources, and destroying the ozone, rivers, oceans, and wildlife in the process.

We're here to change that.

Using only Global Organic Textile Standard organic cotton ensure less water usage and no pesticides or genetically modified fibers, making it safer for workers and wearers.

Hemp is arguably the most sustainable fiber in the world.

Recycled plastic bottle polyester ensures bottles stay out of landfills and waterways, and turns them in to wearable fibers for us all. Wanna see how it's done? Watch a video about it here.

Our clothing exchange programs (You Are Always Growing and Adult Exchange) stop growth-reliant capitalism in its tracks. It's not about always buying new stuff, but reducing what you use and buy, and reusing old garments, hats, tote bags, and anything else you buy for as long as they'll last. 

We'll still give you a 25% discount for exchanging old, torn or hole-y garments because we can use them as rags for our screen printing process.

Soybean inks used in our printing process do not contain phthalates like regular screen printing inks, and are PVC free. Our soybean cleaners are fumeless and contain zero chemicals, making our printing process safer for employees and customers.

Got an idea for ways we can increase our commitment to sustainability, you, or the planet? Drop us a line here


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