Sustainable Business Practices

What is Real Sustainability?

No corporate greenwashing.

No business is 100% sustainable (yet!). We believe in being open, transparent, and honest with our customers about which aspects of our printing and production processes are sustainable, and which aren’t. If you have any questions, or would like to come see (and smell) the difference for yourself, just drop us a line.

Lots of soybeans.

Typical screen printing operations use lots of chemicals. Lots. We know because we used to be one. Tired of headaches and fumes, we decided to find a different approach. We found the answer in soybeans: we replaced the typical petroleum products and cancer causing phthalates in our screen printing ink and cleaners/solvents with 100% soybean based products. The result? No headaches. No fumes. Happier employees. Happier planet.

Sustainable Fibers

Hemp. Organic Cotton. Upcycled cotton. Recycled bottle polyester. These fibers use less water, no pesticides, and keep plastic bottles out of landfills (where they take about 500 years to begin to decompose) and out of our oceans. And who doesn’t want that?

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