Adult Clothing Upcycling Program

What is the Adult Clothing Upcycling Program?

So you've been getting free size-ups since you were born, and now you're looking to keep the Mount Inspiration vibes alive! Well, we won't let you down dudes and dudettes, because we freaking love recycling, upcycling, sustainability, and everything in between... But most of all, we love you.

You know what we also love? Practicing what we preach.

That's why we started the Adult Clothing Upcycling Program. If you bought your shirts at a time when you weighed significantly more than you do now, let us know in the form below and we will give you the size you need for free. You just cover shipping.

You don't need more stuff.

Fill out the form below to exchange an old Mount Inspiration shirt for 50% off of a new one. Don't own one? Send us any old blank shirt for 25% off, or a shirt that's been printed on for 10% off. Yay. Everybody wins.

How do you upcycle the garments?

1. If they're in great condition, they're sanitized and will be placed on our upcycled rack for customers to purchase at 50% off retail pricing, as well as mailed to other participants in the program who are exchanging their shirts for an upcycled one.

2. If they're in OK condition, they will be donated to a local homeless shelter at the end of the year.

3. If they're in poor condition, we'll tear them down and use them as rags for our screen printing process.

Does it cost anything?

You just cover shipping and apply the discount code at checkout. If you have lost weight and need the next size down, we will supply your exchange for free.

Sounds super awesome. What else do you need from me?

Fill out the form below and we'll send you your discount code. Stay adventurous, my friends.

This program operates on the honor system. Please don't abuse it.

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